Armagnac Delord

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    AR56 Fine Armagnac, Delord (70cl) +

    Fruity taste of fresh apple and grape, warm and supple.

    40% £22.20
    AR50 Bas-Armagnac VSOP, Delord (70cl) +

    Perfumed and round with aromas of vanilla and wood, this Armagnac has enough character to be enjoyed with or without ice.

    40% £26.04
    AR51 Bas-Armagnac XO, Delord (70cl) +

    Delord’s XO is aged for a minimum of six years in oak.

    “The burnished/tawny/bronze colour is gorgeous; excellent clarity. The first inhalations come across laid back aromas of caramel, marshmallow, and cotton candy; aeration brings out the depth and key importance of the oak through scents of vanilla bean, dark honey, nougat, pipe tobacco and rancio. The palate entry is fat, buttery and creamy; at mid-palate the taste profile soars as robust flavours take charge, most prominently honey, dark toffee and cocoa. Texture is heavy. Finishes on a honeyed note. An excellent armagnac.”
    Paul Pacult, Kindred Spirits 2

    40% £33.24
    AR52 Bas-Armagnac 15 year old, Delord (50cl in wooden gift box) +

    While this is a blend, all the eaux de vie included are at least fifteen years old — and some are considerably older.

    “On the nose, elderflower notes, tangerine, sweet country fudge, a hint of milk chocolate and a touch of cinnamon, along with cedar and dried fruit. The spicy/fruity note extends on to the palate, with apricots, maple syrup, candied orange, and a touch of tinned peach. Vanilla, licorice, and a spicy wood note on the finish.”
    Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison, World of Fine Wine 53 (September 2016)

    40% £34.33
    AR53 Bas-Armagnac 25 year old, Delord (50cl in wooden gift box) +

    Elegant on the nose with peppery notes and spice, it is in the mouth that the 25 year old will unveil all of its complexity: cocoa, spices (pepper), mellow tannin, vanilla and rancio.

    40% £40.44
    AR57 1985 Bas-Armagnac, Delord (50cl in wooden gift box) +

    Aromas of toasted almond, hazelnut, toffee apple and an array of spices including cinnamon, clove and vanilla. The robust palate yields baked apple and raisin flavours, with a long aftertaste of orange zest and nutmeg.

    40% £45.18
    AR54 1978 Bas-Armagnac, Delord (50cl) +

    The nose is marked by a fine, nicely integrated and fairly complex bouquet of dried fruit, vanilla, butter, apple and chocolate. Excellent aromatic persistence.

    40% £50.18