Beer from Nethergate Brewery

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    NRB1 8 x 50cl IPA +

    502 NB Stour Valley Gold PC 95x138 AW (O)

    In their own words:

    If you want an IPA that’s not too strong, heavily hopped and India bound, nor zesty and crafted in the good old US of A, well here’s the real deal – Ian & Paul’s Ale. A superb apple-crisp session beer. Hoppy throughout, with a lingering bitter end. First brewed in ’89 by our founding Head Brewer, microbiologist and all round fount of beer knowledge, Ian Hornsey and lovingly crafted today by our top dog, Paul Gower and his young team of brewing mercenaries.

    3.8% £16.80
    NRB2 8 x 50cl Umbel Ale +

    502 NB Umbel Ale PC 95x138 AW (O)

    In their own words:

    We’ve been messing around with coriander in beer since 1988, just as they did back in the 1700s. The coriander in our multi-award winning Umbel Ale gives a floral aroma, fruity tang and a well-rounded finish.
    Thirst quenching and absolutely cracking with spicy food. The beer writer Michael Jackson said of this amber beer: “This astonishingly fresh-tasting, bone-dry lemony brew is addictive and appetising: a distinctive arid beautiful beer.”

    3.8% £19.08
    NRB3 8 x 50cl Suffolk County +

    502 NB SUFFOLK COUNTY PC 95x138 AW (O)

    A best bitter: biscuity malt dominates the warm well-rounded roasted background, with a punching bitterness.

    4.0% £19.08
    NRB4 8 x 50cl Growler bitter +


    In their own words:

    Nethergate GB’s bite may not be as strong as his curmudgeonly Uncle, Old Growler, but he’s clearly another fine breed. Playful and intriguing, you’ll have fallen for his loveable charm after your very first encounter, always bringing you back for more guaranteed enjoyment and making a lifelong friendship. Delicately smooth and well balanced; an amber coloured bitter, fruity and light on the palate, with a hint of earthy spice and a delicious hoppy finish.

    4.2% £19.08
    NRB5 8 x 50cl Essex Border +

    502 NB ESSEX BORDER PC 95x138 AW2 - revised

    In their own words:

    A burning issue of great cultural significance – who’s your all-time favourite Essex blonde? Joan Sims, Denise Van Outen, Jodie Marsh, Noel Edmonds, or even Darren Day perhaps? Well ours is definitely Essex Border. A wonderful, easy drinking golden beer with fruity, spicy overtones giving way to sweet, soft orange notes and a well-rounded finish. What’s not to love about a tasty, well-rounded Essex blonde?

    4.0% £19.68
    NRB6 8 x 50cl Umbel Magna +

    502 NB Umbel Magna PC 95x138 AW (NEW)

    In their own words:

    If you recreate a 1750s porter containing coriander in the 20th century you get the much loved, herb-alicious, funky cousin of Old Growler – Umbel Magna. Six medals already in the Camra Champion Beer of Britain Speciality Category speak volumes. So trust the experts and treat yourself. Step back in time and experience the wonderful spiciness of this fabulous porter — a taste of history still living it large in the 21st century.

    5.5% £20.28
    NRB7 8 x 50cl Old Growler dark porter +

    502 NB Old Growler PC 95x138 AW (O) REV

    In their own words:

    The legendary Old Growler — what a pedigree, what a porter! Like a grumpy old family pet much loved for its independent character and suffer-no-fools attitude, yet its curmudgeonly appearance belying its gentle character and easy going nature. The only beer to have twice won Overall Champion at the CAMRA Winter Beer Festival; its many awards also include Supreme Champion at the Chicago International Beer Festival and voted Best of 2011 by the Beer Tasting Institute of America, so it’s even top dog across the pond. A complex, satisfying porter, smooth and distinctive. Roast malt and fruit feature on the palate and the finish is powerfully hoppy. Tantalising taste buds since 1988. Now where did we put that Crufts entry form, it must be time for another award by now?

    5.5% £20.28