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    B81E 2016 Mâcon blanc, les Terres Secrètes +

    100% chardonnay. After floral notes of acacia and honey, this is honest and crisp with fresh apple flavours and a hint of lemon. 12.5% ABV

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    B255 2014 Bourgogne-Aligoté, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% aligoté. Jean-Luc Joillot’s aligoté has a pale-golden straw colour and subtle floral aromas; the grape’s acidity makes for a lemony character, balanced by a Burgundian richness.

    A VERY interesting article on the variety’s history (and possible future): Alice Feiring on aligoté

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    B84D 2015 Saint-Véran, les Terres Secrètes +

    100% chardonnay. From parcels around the famous limestone escarpment at Solutré, a rich and powerful wine enlivened by a fresh finish. 13% ABV

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    B87C 2015 Montagny ‘Buissonnier’, Vignerons de Buxy +

    100% chardonnay. From calcareous clay vineyards in Jully-lès-Buxy and Saint-Vallerin, this is floral and fruity on the nose; the mouthfeel is creamy and soft, before a long, rounded finish. 13% ABV

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    B121A 2016 Montagny 1er cru, Vignerons de Buxy +

    100% chardonnay. Fermented and matured in stainless steel to preserve pure fruit aromas, this introduces an additional layer of mineral complexity. 13.5% ABV

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    B116C 2016 Mâcon-Lugny ‘les Genièvres’, Louis Latour +

    100% chardonnay. The village of Lugny sits among wooded hills about twelve miles north of Mâcon, where the limestone soils of the ‘les Genièvres’ vineyard enjoy a sheltered climate. With a brilliant pale yellow colour and a beautiful nose of white fruit, this is round and full in the mouth. 13% ABV

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    B116 2015 Mâcon-Villages ‘Chameroy’, Louis Latour +

    100% chardonnay. A beautiful pale gold in colour, with notes of white fruit and almond. 13.5% ABV

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    B90A 2016 Chablis, Alain Geoffroy +

    100% chardonnay. Pale yellow in the glass with shimmering silver highlights, this displays elegant citrus fruit reinforced by a firm limestone minerality. 12.5% ABV

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    B90C 2016 Chablis, Vocoret +

    100% chardonnay. After four generations in the business, the Vocoret family have pretty much perfected making incisive, mineral Chablis. 12.5% ABV

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    B132C 2014 Chablis ‘les Serres’, Oudin +

    100% chardonnay. Nathalie Oudin has recently taken over from her parents Jean-Claude and Christiane, who own eight hectares of vines near the tiny village of Chichée (just south of Chablis). Nathalie allows her wines good exposure to air during malolactic fermentation — les Serres has very precise citrus fruit, good texture and a saline quality suggestive of the limestone bedrock. 12.5% ABV

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    B114B 2013 Hautes Côtes de Beaune blanc, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% chardonnay. From a 14-hectare family estate in and around Pommard, farmed with the minimal intervention philosophy of lutte raisonnée. 12.5% ABV

    On the 2011 vintage: “…an ultra fresh and crisp chardonnay, just a trace of faint honey and nuttiness betraying some oak, but with a direct and piercing freshness of fruit. On the palate it is firm and juicy, the oak adding a touch of warming toast, but the firm fruit quality, tight texture and acidity all pushing through smartly. The finish is long and balanced between hints of sweet and ripe apple and the structured, grippy acids in a serious and gastronomic wine.”
    Tom Cannavan, wine-pages.com (June 2014)

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    B97B 2015 Pouilly-Fuissé ‘Clos Reissier’, René Perraton +

    100% chardonnay. Charles Perraton, creator of the domaine, was a pioneer of the Appellation Contrôlée system and a co-founder of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation; his great-grandsons Christophe and Franck now produce no less than seven different appellations from a twelve-hectare holding. Clos Reissier is attractively round and ripe, which may result from sixty year-old vines or twelve months ageing on lees, but retains an appealing citrus freshness. 13.5% ABV

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    B121B 2014 Montagny 1er cru ‘la Grand Roche’, Louis Latour +

    100% chardonnay. With a delightful nose of peach and butter, this balanced wine is fresh and lively but finishes on a slightly richer note. 13% ABV

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    B93D 2016 Chablis 1er cru ‘Vaillon’, Vocoret +

    100% chardonnay. With crisply defined aromas of lime and chalk, the Vaillon vineyard offers classic premier cru flavours of ‘wet stones’ and green apple. 13% ABV

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    B96D 2015 Chablis 1er cru ‘Fourchaume’, Alain Geoffroy +

    100% chardonnay. From a forty-five hectare domaine family-owned since 1850, this is a striking pale gold in colour; despite the mineral structure, a certain floral delicacy still stands out. 13% ABV

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    B263 2014 Chorey lès Beaune, Maillard +

    100% chardonnay. Only a handful of growers make white Chorey, but this example is reminiscent of Meursault — a remarkable structure, mouthfilling but light on its feet. 13% ABV

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    B256 2014 Saint-Romain ‘Clos des Ducs’ monopole, Violot-Guillemard +

    100% chardonnay. Something increasingly rare in Burgundy, Christophe Violot-Guillemard owns the whole Clos des Ducs vineyard — this rich, creamy Saint-Romain is distinctly reminiscent of a Meursault. 13% ABV

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    B75 2011 Chablis grand cru ‘Valmur’, Vocoret +

    100% chardonnay. Set squarely in the crown of grand cru vineyards, Valmur nestles between les Clos and Grenouilles; Vocoret’s ability to combine steely freshness with a luscious roundness is particularly obvious at this level.

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    B104 2015 Puligny-Montrachet ‘le Trézin’, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% chardonnay. Named after a nearby spring, le Trézin is situated at the top of the slope between Saint-Aubin and Meursault — neatly sandwiched between premiers crus Sous le Puits and la Garenne. Impeccable purity, with aromas of grapefruit and hazelnut; on the palate the finish is precise and sophisticated. 13% ABV

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    B122 2015 Meursault, Louis Latour +

    100% chardonnay. A full, rounded wine which reveals floral aromas, along with hints of fresh almonds — real finesse from the southern Côte d’Or. 13.5% ABV

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    B123 2010 Meursault 1er cru ‘Château de Blagny’, Louis Latour +

    100% chardonnay. The Château de Blagny vines sit on the higher slope overlooking Meursault and Puligny; the wine’s initial freshness and elegance belie a remarkable potential for long-term ageing. 13.5% ABV

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    B125 2014 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru ‘Morgeot’, Louis Latour +

    100% chardonnay. Morgeot derives from the same word as ‘margin’ — the hamlet marked the Gallo-Roman boundary between the Côte d’Or and Saône-et-Loire regions. The floral nose melds honey and vanilla , while the palate balances yellow fruit and almonds before a delicious saline finish. 13.5% ABV

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    B95C 2015 Bourgogne-Côte Chalonnaise ‘Buissonnier’ +

    100% pinot noir. Elegant and medium-bodied, with flavours of red cherry and spice. 13% ABV

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    B257 2014 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. A raspberry and spice-scented pinot noir from this long-established producer in Pommard, brimming with old vine fruit and earthy notes. 12.5% ABV

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    B114A 2014 Hautes Côtes de Beaune rouge, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. From a vineyard only a few yards outside Pommard, this has excellent purity of dark berry fruit and a hint of cedary oak. 12.5% ABV

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    B260 2013 Beaune ‘Montagne Saint-Désiré’, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. While the hill above premiers crus Clos des Mouches and les Vignes Franches is named after a hermit murdered in 1619, this is rich and round with structured tannins. 13% ABV

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    B259 2010 Beaune 1er cru ‘Montée Rouge’, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. Montée Rouge is an iron-rich knoll crowning the premier cru slope, that for some reason is also known as ‘la Vierge Blanche’ by winemakers; the eight hundred or so bottles produced each year by Jean-Luc Joillot are full-bodied and firm, with aromas of blackcurrant and cherry. 13% ABV

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    B357 2014 Savigny lès Beaune ‘aux Grands Liards’, J-M Giboulot +

    100% pinot noir. Grown at the foot of the main slope north of the village, this is a racy wine with an interesting note of peppery spice to its dark fruit. 13% ABV

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    B109B 2013 Mercurey 1er cru ‘les Crêts’, Suremain +

    100% pinot noir. A reliably aristocratic premier cru (and a fixture on the Nethergate list for decades) that boasts a heady nose of red fruit, spicy pepper and smoke, intermingled with notes of fresh earth and forest floor; with maturity this wine develops a disarming smoothness. 13% ABV

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    B46 2004 Fixin ‘les Herbues’ vieilles vignes, Pierre Naigeon +

    100% pinot noir. Pierre Naigeon is the fifth generation of his family to make wine in Gevrey-Chambertin, but Naigeons have been farmers and barrel-makers in the village since at least the early eighteenth century. Their vieilles vignes Fixin ‘les Herbues’ (only 1120 bottles made) is unashamedly dark and savoury, with an interesting concentration and length. 13% ABV

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    B258 2012 Chorey lès Beaune, Maillard +

    100% pinot noir. Elegant and complex, with fine tannins supporting a pretty framework of red berry flavours. 13% ABV

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    B78B 2014 Pommard, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. Firmly masculine in bearing — cool and earthy black cherry fruit in a well-tailored suit. 13% ABV

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    B264 2004 Chambolle-Musigny, Henri Felettig +

    100% pinot noir. With a hundred parcels amounting to ‘just’ twelve hectares of vineyard, the Felettig family must spend almost as much time driving back and forth as working in the rows… Their organically-farmed old vines seem to flourish, however — with an attractive degree of maturity, the Chambolle-Musigny combines dusty fruit and a mineral finesse. 13% ABV

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    B262 2015 Nuits Saint-Georges vieilles vignes, Philippe Gavignet +

    100% pinot noir. Philippe Gavignet produces thirteen different wines from just twelve hectares in and around Nuits Saint-Georges. His vieilles vignes bottling originates from just over an acre split between les Belles Croix and les Allots, both immediately below the belt of premier cru vineyards spanning the village; the vines, planted in 1926 and 1954, make for a ripe and full-bodied wine that is bottled unfined and unfiltered. 13% ABV

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    B128 2011 Beaune 1er cru ‘Vignes Franches’, Louis Latour +

    100% pinot noir. Historically the owners of this stony, mid-slope vineyard were exempt from land tax — hence the name. Nowadays the wine combines prominent fruit with the opulence of neighbouring Pommard. 13.5% ABV

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    B350 2014 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru ‘Morgeot’, Louis Latour +

    100% pinot noir. Only a quarter of Chassagne-Montrachet is planted to red, with the land cleared by the abbey at Maizières in the 15th century. An intense ruby colour is typical of Chassagne, while aromas of raspberry and blackcurrant marry perfectly with undergrowth notes; the palate is ample but refined, with spicy blackcurrant fruit. 13% ABV

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    B120 2015 Beaune 1er cru ‘Montrevenots’, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. The ‘les Montrevenots’ premier cru vineyard sits above on stony clay directly above Clos des Mouches, where the elevation and orientation promote good acidity and longlasting wines that combine the delicacy of Beaune with the power of neighbouring Pommard. 13% ABV

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    B127 2010 Aloxe-Corton 1er cru ‘les Chaillots’, Louis Latour +

    100% pinot noir. The name may refer to the stony soil of its vineyard, but this premier cru offers an appealing perfume of ripe cherry and liquorice. 13.5% ABV

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    B130 1998 Corton grand cru ‘Clos de la Vigne au Saint’, Louis Latour +

    100% pinot noir. The Clos de la Vigne au Saint vineyard is mentioned in the records of the Chapter of Saulieu back in 1375, while Louis Latour’s great great grandmother already owned a section of the vineyard in the early 19th century. With perfect south exposure on the Corton hill and lying on a bedrock outcrop towards the bottom of the slope of rusty red marl, the wine is powerful yet elegant. 14% ABV

    Please note — VERY limited availability.

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    B301 2012 Pommard 1er cru ‘les Charmots’, Jean-Luc Joillot +

    100% pinot noir. Jean-Luc’s vines are situated just above the famous vineyard of les Grands Epenots, which no doubt contributes to the wine’s remarkable balance between power and elegance — sadly only about 250 cases are made in any vintage.

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    B116A 2006 Corton grand cru, Château Corton Grancey +

    100% pinot noir. The Grancey family were the last owners of the classic château on the road leaving Corton, before the Latour family bought it in 1891; partially carved into the hillside behind sits the striking Latour cuverie, the first purpose-built winery in France. Château Corton Grancey is blended from four grand cru old vine parcels, individually vinified and aged: les Bressandes, les Perrières, les Grèves and Clos du Roi, the proportions of which vary depending on the vintage. 14% ABV

    Please note — VERY limited availability.

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