Suffolk Distillery Gin and Vodka

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    GN8 Suffolk Dry Gin (70cl) +

    Vibrant citrus notes combine with juniper and a mellowing hint of cassia bark; lemon zest and orange ensure a fresh finish. 43% ABV

    £420.00 £35.00
    GN6 Suffolk Dry Gin, Mandarin & Cranberry (70cl) +

    Luscious mandarin aromas mingle with the dry elegance of cranberry, while the rounded finish introduces further notes of cinnamon and almond — a powerful but sophisticated flavoured gin. 43% ABV

    £420.00 £35.00
    GN7 Suffolk Dry Gin, Navy Strength (70cl) +

    An aroma of citrus spice leads into resinous juniper and zest, with a concentrated warmth and smoothness in the mouth. 57% ABV

    £540.00 £45.00
    GN9 Suffolk Dry Gin, Strawberry and Cucumber (35cl) +

    “The crisp aroma of freshly cut cucumber gives way to a vibrant strawberry sweetness — a perfect pairing with a refreshingly fine finish.” 43% ABV

    £240.00 £20.00
    Suffolk Distillery Vodka CaseInc. VAT BottleInc. VAT Options
    VO1 Suffolk Vodka, Rhubarb and Honey (35cl) +

    “A beautifully smooth mouthfeel, with the luscious sweetness of organic Suffolk honey giving way to a slightly tart rhubarb finish.” 43% ABV

    £240.00 £20.00