Suffolk Rum

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    R1 Glorious Revolution! English White Rum (50cl) +


    Made with cane molasses from Africa and the Americas, Alan and Amanda Collins distill their white rum in a heavily-customised copper alembic after a fourteen day fermentation.

    “In the glass: As you’d expect, the rum is crystal clear and the immediate thing that hits you are the sugarcane notes […] It is pungent, smells a little creamy with a hint of sweetness tickling my nose. It’s quite intriguing and builds up a lot of anticipation of what to expect…
    In the mouth: It certainly delivers on flavour! There is an initial and very short-lived sweetness on entry which fades very rapidly leaving salty black olives which succeed in drying my mouth out. A creamy liquorice follows, like chewing a sweet. The vegetal, grassy agricole is present by the bucket-load but it carries less sugarcane notes than any of the agricoles that I’ve tried. There is something fruity on the back of my tongue, like pineapple that is on the verge of turning. There is also a really savoury edge to the rum and a black pepper bite. It has so much flavour for an unaged spirit which is testament to the fermentation process employed and distillation method used. They combine to produce something really worthwhile. The finish is all molasses and black pepper and is not too long, which means that you have to sip again a lot sooner. It also feels a lot thicker in my mouth than I expected, it has real body to it.
    This is a proper 100% pot still, unaged, heavy spirit. Pot distillation reveals all of the character of the spirit, including any character flaws and is therefore way less forgiving than column distillation […] it possesses far more character and integrity as a result of its origins than numerous big selling brands. It is full of flavour, challenges perceptions of what an unaged spirit can be and carries with it a complexity and a brutal honesty that is massively endearing to me.”
    Steven James, (November 2014)

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