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Stay at home and let Nethergate Wines do the rushing about,

just tell us what you’d like, and we can deliver it


Once again, we are being told to stay at home for our safety, so we need to build in some feel good moments to get us through, and pull a cork or twist a cap on some interesting wines.

The darker November evenings encourage me to light the fire, put the dog’s bed by the Aga, our little terrier Tilly really feels the cold, and to start thinking about hearty meals to feed our boys, both home for lockdown.  Currently on offer is Intense Cotes du Roussillion by Claude Vialade, perfect with a Boeuf Bourguignon or a Spicy Root and Lentil casserole.


Stay safe and take care









Award-Winning Wine Merchant

We are independent wine merchants based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. We are delighted to have been recognised again with three more awards from Wine-Searcher.


Gold   2018 European List in Suffolk

Gold   2018 French List in Suffolk

Gold   2018 Overall List in Suffolk


“The awards are our way of rewarding great wine buyers and their teams. We aim to recognise truly excellent price lists. To have been awarded, the price list must have demonstrated a wide range of high-quality wines or spirits based on critic scores. Significant depth and breadth across regions and consistency throughout the year.”